Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In February of this year, mom and dad treated us to a Mexican Riviera Cruise. It was the best X-Mas present ever. We had so much fun. Most of the grand kids stayed behind. But it would not have been complete without the newest additions to the family, Baby Gracie and Baby Ava. They literally stopped traffic everywhere we went. One week with my family and the sun?? What more could I ask for. If my memory serves me correctly, I was on the same cruise as my sisters, but from my pictures you would never know it. I guess that's what happens when your camera has been covered in baby drool, chewed up by a dog, and has literally smashed to the ground about 20 times. Gee, can't wait to see what happens when I actually get a nice camera..... but till then, I must thank my sisters for taking lots of excellent pictures and blogging and posting them so that I can steal them.

Highlights of my trip
- watching Monica get her freak on in the Dragons lair.
- The creepy juggler who just happened to make it into some family photos. Thanks to Jeff.
- the 50 ice cream cones I consumed while laying by the pool. Had it not been for the 3 hour wait and my extreme laziness. It could have been 500 cones! Thank you lazy body.
- Cheering for my hubby, the bro's and big B. After tearing it up on the Basketball court, they brought home gold and bronze medals. Which apparently is a really big deal. so Bravo fellas!!
- My #1 absolute favorite was sitting in the piano bar watching my dad sing every word to every song that was played. There is nothing like a little Elton, Phil, Billy Joel...and on and on. I live for those moments. Just the fam chillin, sipping some virgin drinks. . .good times. Lets go back right now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mothers help!

I am finally taking my sisters advice and blogging for help. Thanks Amber

As many of you know my daughter Ashtynn who just turned 6 has had some skin problems along with some environmental/food allergies since birth. And now my baby Gracie has the same issues if not worse. We have been to more doctors than we can count for these conditions making very little progress. That is until January of this year. After doing all that I knew how, I asked my dad for a blessing to help me find answers. This blessing sparked a chain of events that led me to a dermatologist in St George who was truly an answer to my prayers. Since January Ashtynn has been on medication that has worked wonders for her skin, but like everything else, her skin tires of the medication, and eventually the underlying problems that the medication is covering up eventually return. Her Diagnosis is "Atoipc Dermatitis." it is much more severe than eczema.

2 nights ago, Ashtynns skin looked great in the morning. This is what it looked like that night. What breaks my heart is having deep open wounds feels better to her than what is going on under her skin. Picture the worst rash you have ever had...times it by ten, and that is what she goes through everyday.

This morning she woke up and had this rash. I'm sure it is an autoimmune disorder, or maybe just an allergic reaction to a bug bite or something. She is relying on me to help her. And I don't know how.

Mothers that are reading this, I am asking for help. I have learned that there is no such thing as useless information. That everything I have ever been told, has helped in some way. Big or small. I know that there are people out there that have their own stories and if they are willing to share there knowledge and experiences, it would mean the world to me.

The one thing I know for certain is that the lord has blessed me with "mothers instinct to help care for and protect my children. And I have relied on that heavily. But I also know that I cannot just sit back and expect answers to come without working hard for them. If you feel like there is anything you could share, please help my father in heaven to help me help my kids. I know that kids suffer from far worse illnesses than this. So I am so grateful for that. She is a healthy, happy kid for the most part. but I refuse to believe that "this is just the way she is"(quote from her doctors) Maybe this is the way she is and I am just in denial, but for myself, I have to keep trying.

Please feel free to email me. I don't feel comfortable leaving my cell number so if you would like to speak with me, please leave your number via email. I am writing and documenting everything so I can try to piece together what is going on.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And that's how Sue "C's" it.

My happy little Gracie

This is Gracie after leaving her in the girls room to play for a minute. I guess little sisters are more fun to dress than dolls. The green skirt, is obviously her "princess hair," but my favorite is the purse she is sporting. Awesome!

Avery's even a Rock Star in her sleep!

Daddy and his little cheerleaders before a big game.

Is time going by almost creepishly fast or is it just me? Ashtynn's almost done with kindergarten, Avery will start preschool, Gracie is 8 months......What 8 MONTHS!! It's kosher to wear your maternity clothes for a year after you have a baby..right? Well, it is now. If my friends are wondering if I own only one piece of clothing, a black tracksuit, the answer is no. I actually have two. A black one, AND a blue one (very slimming colors I'd say) might as well call me "Sue Sylvester!"

Isn't it funny how we turn out to be just the person we said we would never be. It was about 10 years ago and I believe my exact words where "I wouldn't think of marrying someone till dating at least a year." A year, a few days, what's the difference? "I will never drive a mini van." I must not have known that in 2006, they would make one with a killer sound system/DVD player with 7 reachable cup holders. That's right, 7 giant cups of ice! All within an arms reach...sweeeet! Another good one is, "I will never let my kids do that." Our Current philosophy is, if it does not endanger the life of you, and those around you, go out side and do whatever the heck you want." But my favorite has to be. "I'll never let myself GO." No one told me that when you have 3 kids, taking an hour and a half to get ready may cut into the time of others getting their basic essential needs met, such as eating, pooping, playing etc. Actually, I'm sure I was told all this but knowing me, I just stared at them and thought. "just because you can't do it, doesn't mean I'm going to be miserable." Yes, my friends Ignorance is bliss. I mean really, what in the he#! did I do with all that time I took care of ONLY me? The time where my biggest problem was what to wear to school that day. Now I feel lucky if I even change my clothes everyday.

Ok, so I am exaggerating a little. But I'm pretty sure I thought the same thing then as I do today. I need more time. And as I sit here right now, my children are growing in their sleep. Literally. And when I go to pick up Gracie in the morning, she will be another day older and another day closer to growing up and leaving me behind. "sniff sniff" And then I will have an hour 1/2 to put makeup on. And how boring is that going to be without my girls climbing all over me, while I am yelling at them to put down my makeup as they run out of the bathroom laughing with mascara on their lips and blush on their eyes. It weird how the hardest, most exhausting times in our lives are so precious and sweet at the same time. So even though our days are filled with ciaos and craziness, There really is not a place in the world I would rather be than with my three little angels who love me and need me. I just pray that there is some sanity left in me to actually move on to the next stage of raising children. Teenagers.....YIKES!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year....New resolutions

I can't believe that in the last two years, I have maybe posted 5 times. When looking back, I am so sad that I missed the chance to journal so many precious moments in my little families life together.

Well don't worry friends, because it is a new year and time to turn a new leaf. I have to admit that I am madly in love with my husband and little girls. And my favorite thing to do is brag about them so is on! Where do I even begin?? Let's start with best thing that has happened to the Alger family since 2006.(Avery's Birth)

After waiting for what seemed like forever, we welcomed our newest addition Grace Lita Alger(better known as Baby Gracie)on August 16, 2009 at 3:36pm weighing in at 7pounds 10 ounces. I now spend my days completely smitten by her. Is hard to not be since she is the happiest, smiley little chubbers you've ever seen! Just take a look for yourself.

"Man, watching Jess get up 5 times a night is just exhausting!"

4 girls who absolutely adore you....What more could a man ask for???

Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our First Recital

Check out these two little Divas! How cute are they?? Ashtynn and Eden have been taking a dance class since summer and this was their very first performance. Mumsie and Papa drove all the way down just so they could see her. They are the best! We were so happy Brookie and Tyler could make it too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes, I did drop out of the blog spot world for about 8 months but hey.........I'm back! We are alive and well. So I guess I have a few things to catch up on, but for now, check out our photo shoot with Dion. She is awesome!